Since we are not a franchise, we can and do listen and respond to our customers' needs without dealing with corporate bureaucracy. In addition to this core difference you'll find many more reasons why you can rely on Burien Japanese to be your car's best friend:

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  • We do most all types of repairs: from replacing dash lights to engine overhauls.
  • We are happy to take your call just to answer an automotive question you might have.
  • Our philosophy is that your vehicle is always going to represent an expense, and our job is to help you manage that expense well, and keep unexpected costs to a minimum.
  • We offer the exclusive “Car Care Club” which gives our customers the absolute best value in auto care.
  • We maintain the most modern electrical and emission diagnostic equipment.
  • Our labor rate, though not always the lowest around, can mean less expense for you because a less qualified technician can take longer to diagnose and perform a repair. Also, some shops keep replacing parts until a car is repaired. Who pays for those unneeded parts? You do! Our policy is that parts are not replaced unless they are confirmed to be bad. That saves you money!
  • Our Buyer's Inspection has been known to save our customers a ton of grief by saving them from buying a lemon, or giving them the ammo needed to negotiate thousands off the asking price
  • FREE Loaner Cars. Yes, they're free, you just pay for gas. But we do ask they be reserved for lengthy services (i.e. not for quick services like oil changes).
  • OUR PRICES: We promise our prices will be competitive. We have the – Best qualified technicians – Best quality parts – Best service after the sale – We quote and perform the “whole repair” (while many shops will entice you with a low quote only to “up-sell” the additional recommended services after they already have your vehicle in their shop).
  • Our technicians are continually investing personal time attending technical classes and training seminars so they remain up-to-date on all systems on your vehicle.
  • Our customers say it best: “I was pleased with the professional and friendly service I received…” writes one. “You can count me as a very satisfied customer…” wrote another.
  • We've received the top rating by Consumers Checkbook and Angie's list.
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These and many other reasons make Burien Japanese Auto Service your vehicle's best friend.


These guys are honest, reliable and fast. Accurate estimates, better than fair pricing, car comes back clean after service. Cannot go wrong bringing your import car here for service or repairs. I have refered all my friends and relatives here.

Crashman 206

I was recommended to them by two different friends who don't know each other. I've been going for years and they are wonderful. This last time the estimate was high and we were nervous about paying it and the guy directed us to the web site so we could download pretty good coupons and we saved over a hundred dollars. Nice.

Mac M

They saved me over $1000 compared to the dealership bid. Very honest, which is amazing.

Fred N.